How To make Indonesian Fried Rice and Knowing Some Dishes From Rice

Fried rice in Indonesian culture is very famous, rice as staple food can be processed into several types of forms

Among the forms of Indonesian food made from rice include:
  • Lontong: cooked rice wrapped in banana leaf,
  • Porridge: cooked rice mixed some water 
  • Ketupat: different from lontong, ketupat not wrapped with banana leaf but it's wrapped coconut leaf bud
  • Buras: food made from rice also , comes from sulawesi region, identical to lontong but buras's texture is harder when squeezed.
If you visit Indonesia will usually find a fried rice stall at night, many of them are selling by using a cart or tent on the roadside. Usually in addition to selling fried rice also sell chicken noodles.
With a fairly cheap price of about 15,000 to 20,000 rupiah we can enjoy fried rice, including ice sweet tea. Very simple we can enjoy fried rice, the price includes ice tea